3nh Compare with X-rite Konica Minolta BYK Machine

April 16, 2019
Latest company news about 3nh Compare with X-rite Konica Minolta BYK Machine
3nh Compare with X-rite Konica Minolta BYK Machine
For color and glossy measurement, there are three famous companes, Xrite from USA, Konimica Minolta from Japan, BYK from German, but now we, 3nh, are also famous all over the world. With our own R&D team, we focus on color for 21 years, and we have many models to compare with X-rite Konica Minolta BYK Machines.
Here are some models recommendation, and hope they are useful for customers to choose and for distributors to promote.
Item 1:
When customers look for Konica Minolta CR-10 or CR-10 PLUS Chroma meter, we can recommend 3nh NH300, NR60CP, NH 310 Colorimeter.
NR60CP is the best suitable because they are all handheld, but NH310 and NH300 performance is also ok to replace because their accuracy and stability is good.
1. The same Illumination system: 8/d;
2. The same color space: Δ E*ab、Δ(L*a*b*)、Δ(L*C*H*);
3. The same aperture: 8mm or 4mm;
4. The same measurement range: L 1-100;
5. Good compatibility, high accuracy, light source D65, Observe angle 10 degree etc.
Advantages of 3nh:
1.Equip with white & black calibration board.(Auto calibration when power on for NH310);
2.Li-ion battery, which are rechargeable;
3.Equip with color quality control software,can connect with computer for printing testing reports;
4.All can pass NIM (National Institute of Metrology) calibration.
5.Better price with high accuracy.
Item 2:
When customers ask for Minolta CM-2300D/2500D/2600D or X-rite SP60/SP62/SP64(which has already stopped production ), the new model is CI60/CI62/CI64,we can recommend 3nh YS3010/YS3020/YS3060 Spectrophotometer.
1. The Same Illumination: D/8;
2. The Same wavelength range 400-700nm;
3. Good Compatibility;
4. Good accuracy and stability.
Advantages of 3nh:
1.Good data compatibility for Xrite and Minolta
2.Li-ion battery, which are rechargeable.
3.Equip with color quality control software, for Xrite or Minolta’s instrument which need pay extra money for the software
4.With touch screen, easy operation.
5.You can input the standard data and edit standard data.
6.Many functions like WI(ASTM E313, CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter),YI(ASTM D1925, ASTM 313),TI(ASTM E313, CIE/ISO),Metamerism Index MI, Staining Fastness, Color Fastness, Color Strength, Opacity.
Item 3
For Minolta’s CM-2500C spectrophotometer and BYK 6801 spectrophotometer, New model YS4560 spectrophotometer and NS800 Spectrophotometer can be the best substitutes model, because they are use the same illumination: 45°/0. And new model YS4510 spectrophotometer is good to compare with CM2500C and CS600C.
Item 4
X-rite 528/530 (which has already stopped production), their new model is Exact spectrophotometer density meter. And it has basic, advance verison. Our new model YD5010 spectrophotometer is to compare with Exact basic and basic spectrodensity meter, while YD5050 is to compare with Exact advance spectrophotometer. They are using the same illumination system: 45°/0.
Item 5
BYK Instrument in German
BYK 6801 = 3nh NS800 + NHG60 Gloss meter (Some illumination: 45°/0,good compatibility)
BYK 6834= 3nh NS800 + NHG60 Gloss meter (Some illumination: D/8,good compatibility)
3nh Instrument Description Similar Models
YS6060 Spectrophotometer d/8°;d/0° CI7800,CM3600A
YS4560 Spectrophotometer 45°/0 BYK 6801,CM2500C
YS4510 Spectrophotometer 45°/0 CM2500C,CS600C
YD5050 Spectrophotometer 45°/0 Exact advance
YD5010 Spectrophotometer 45°/0 Exact basic, basic density meter
YS3060 Spectrophotometer d/8° X-rite Ci62, Ci64, Ci64UV; MINOLTA CM-2600d, CM-600d, 700d
YS3010 Spectrophotometer d/8° X-rite Ci60; MINOLTA CM-2300d
NS800 Spectrophotometer 45°/0 BYK 6801
NR60CP Colorimeter 8°/d MINOLTA CR-10 plus
NHG268 Gloss Meter 20°, 60°, 85° gloss BYK 4563
NHG60 Gloss Meter 60° gloss BYK 4561
T90-7 Light Cabinet 7 Illuminants X-rite SpectraLight QC
All in all, First,at the some level, the price for our machine is much lower but performance is similar even better when compare withe Minolta,X-rite and BYK’s instrument; Second, for our partner, we normally give 2 years warranty; Third, if there are something wrong with 3nh machine, within the warranty, the repair fee is free while without the warranty, we only charge some cost price for it, less than RMB1000.But for Minolta,X-rite, BYK, the repair fee normally much than USD1000. And we 3nh offer the lifespan maintenance for all customers. Welcome customers all over the world to visit and order 3nh products in Shenzhen, China.