YS6060 benchtop spectrophotometer operation video on youtube

August 10, 2019
Latest company news about YS6060 benchtop spectrophotometer operation video on youtube
YS series benchtop grating spectrophotometer are independently developed by 3nh company, who has complete intellectual property rights. The instrument hold as large as 7 inch capacitive touch screen. According to the geometric optical illumination D/8°(Reflection) and D/0°(Transmission), the instrument can measure Reflection/Transmission and colorimetric data of various samples. In order to meet different measurement requirements, the instrument is equipped with kinds of reflective measuring apertures such as Φ25.4mm, Φ15mm (for partial model), Φ8mm, Φ4mm. The wavelength range is from 360~780nm, 400nm/420nm cut-off light source, 460nm cut-off light source (for partial model). By switching on-off, the instrument can measure colorimetric data for all kinds of sample/UV sample.
With USB, Bluetooth dual mode and with high-end color management software which can be connected to PC to achieve more extension functions, it has the character of stable working, accurate color measurement, large storage capacity and it is good to achieve the accurate color analysis and transmission. The instruments also can be accurate in measuring equipment for color matching system and widely used in color quality control area. They are widely used in plastic, electronics, paints, textile, printing, automobile, medical, cosmetic and food industries or science research institutes and laboratories.
We upload YS6060 benchtop spectrophotometer operation video on youtube. If you need this, please check our video there, and hope it is useful for our old and new customers.
YS6060 benchtop spectrophotometer