3nh Customer Service

April 3, 2020
Latest company news about 3nh Customer Service
3nh provides users with high-quality and comprehensive pre-sale and after-sale services. No matter what kind of needs and problems users have for products and services, they will get thoughtful and meticulous help from 3nh customer service center. At the same time, the customer service will classify the user's feedback. For example, if 3nh can handle it, 3nh will be responsible for solving the user's problems; if it is the responsibility of the authorized organization of 3nh, the customer service will quickly contact the authorized organization to solve the problems or give corresponding answers as soon as possible.
We sum up the problems that customers always meet when using 3nh instrument, and attach some general solutions. Due to different use conditions, if these still can't solve your problem, please call our after-sales service in time, or call your sales or leave a message directly. We also will update the new problems in time, and thank you for your cooperation.
Welcome to call +86-0755-26508999 or +86-13925280965, or email us: sales@3nh.com